May 14, 2011

Do What You Love & You'll Never Work a Day In Your Life...

Well, ain't that the truth. I've been talking a good game about scrapping this whole medical career and making cupcakes for a living...but talking a good game is way different than actually being on the team.

So I decided to make a dozen or so cupcakes for craps and giggles and take them to some friends celebrating their school year being over.

I stayed up all night, played with every tool in my new "ultimate baking kit" my boyfriend (and biggest cupcake supporter) bought me last week from Wilton, turned my hands all kinds of different lovely shades of the rainbow from food coloring and came up with 24 perfect little red velvet works of art.  I put them all in fancy little boxes and off I went.

The ooh's and aaaah's from his classmates were comforting.

Good job me. 

*pat* *pat*

(That's me patting myself on the back in case you missed it.)

As we barhopped and trolled the streets of Old Town Pasadena feeling warm, fuzzy and happy that summer has officially begun, something wonderfully awesome began happening...

Praise. From EVERYWHERE. 

The customers, the waitresses, the bartenders, the owners of by one, they came up to see what was in these little boxes.

"Where did you buy them. How much were they?  They are so pretty!  How did you make the little flowers and patterns in the frosting?"

Not being used to all that attention, I just KNOW my ears turned a god awful shade of red and I must have looked like a deer in headlights.

They asked me for my contact info, asked me where my shop was, how much I charged, and if I would be interested in working something out with them...

Umm..well, you can email me at, shop is also known as my 6x10 kitchen and uh...I have no idea how much to charge, but hell yes, I'd be interested in working something out that allows me to cover my hands in flour and paint for a living!

Great entrepreneurial answers, I know, but this was supposed to be for fun and was already 3 Modelo's deep.  Don't judge. It was a celebration.

Who knew the product of a fun night of frosting, fondant, and edible glitter dust would turn into a business meeting.  (Insert "That's what she said" comment HERE).

Before I knew what hit me, here I am.  On the verge of something big...well, maybe not yet...but tell you what if I don't feel like something game changing just happened.


This is REALLY happening.

And I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing...

But hot damn if I ain't doin' it. :)

Peace, Love, and Cupcake Grease,
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  1. Good for you! Taking the first baby steps on a new project are always the most exciting and also the most fraught with second-guessing. Keep at it ... get a camera goin' to build visual interest, and have fun!

  2. Thanks for the words of encouragement Susan!! I really appreciate the support! I am working on getting some pictures up on the site as soon as possible! I am super excited about what's to come! Thanks again!!