September 15, 2011

Donsuemor Almond Roca Mocha Cake Bites

A couple of months ago, a baker friend of mine Andrea from Sweet Dreamery Desserts tipped me off to this really great opportunity to work with an awesome Southern California baking company called Donsuemor. They were doing a "Dessert-A-Day" campaign and wanted foodie bloggers to get creative with their products.
I jumped all over that.

As I searched their website, I found their French Almond Cakes and they spoke to me...not like schizo spoke to me but nonetheless, I had to have them.  One week later there was my very own box of Almond Cakes sitting on my doorstep! There's just something about getting packages that makes me all tingly inside but that's a whole other story. So here I am, geared up and ready to make something scrumptiously awesome and unique...aaand...
I drew a blank.
I had nothin'.
Except anger. Yeah, I had lots of that.

And as much as I am embarrassed to admit this, I got so frustrated that I was coming up with absolutely nothing that I smushed the cake between my fingers and BAM!

It came to me...

There was only one little problem with this grand idea of mine.

I've kind of got a thing against cake pops...I know it's irrational...but I just don't like the looks of 'em.

I glare at them in their case at Starbucks...looking all smug...just sitting there...on a stick. 

I refused to let my disdain of cake pops hinder my creative epiphany so, like any good archenemy, I got to know my nemesis.  I learned a little about how they came to be (Bakerella may have invented them, she may have not. My google venture was unsuccessful about getting to the bottom of that ol' mystery so I digress). I learned how they were made and how to decorate these little buggers...snotty buggers...but I digress...

I can't say I was sold on the whole cake pop thing but knowledge is power, the more you know, the more you grow, and so on and so on so I took this challenge by the horns and decided to wrestle with the beast itself. 

So here we go, Cake Pops. 
I've come to chew gum and kick butt and I'm all outta bubblegum. 
Let's do this.

These are the Donsuemor French Almond Cakes that stumped me. Buttery, yummy, and nutty!

I added a little coffee to the frosting to give it a mocha twist. Almond cake begs for coffee. 
No really, I think I heard it say "coffeeeeee".  Weird, right??

A lot nicer depiction of my initial mashing of the cake as I flew into a mental-block fueled rage...well maybe not a rage...more like a fit.  Yes. A fit. I'll go with that.

Mocha Fudgy Buttercream Frosting. Yummy.

This is where I start to lose it a little. 
This is what the cake crumble and frosting looks like once they're mixed together...
uh huh...
I'm a little weirded out by all this but highly determined to see this through...

A melonballer and some patience and I'm feeling better about these little guys...

FACT: I enjoyed stabbing this cake ball with a stick. Don't judge me.

FACT: The cake pop got me back. Hardcore. 
Apparently I missed the part where my directions said be careful not to make them too big or the weight will make them slide down the stick. 
Fatty cake!

So a natural evolution is...CAKE BITES! 
But I'm not giving up on this one...I will be back Cake Pops...
and I will OWN you.

Came out rather nice, if I do say so myself...and I do.

I made them, just for you!!

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