November 14, 2012

Homemade Pomegranate Syrup...or Grenadine...I Don't Judge

It's fall in SoCal once again & you know what that means:
Sundresses, sunshine, & sandals!
Wait, whaaaa??
I'm still not used to this year-round warm weather but am I really going to complain about wearing shorts in November?
Not likely.

There are however some things that do scream fall despite this crazy 80 degree weather...
Things like pumpkins on my front porch, pulling out my "nighttime" sweater
(because I somehow can't stand the 65 degree nights without long sleeves. Pssh, I'm so LA...),
& these here pomegranates that are growing in my front yard.
Aren't they beautiful?!

As lovely as these pomegranates are...I still have quite the problem:
What in the world do I do with all this fruit!?
I can't very well have a pomegranate-fest with just me & the old man that blows his trash on my yard when he thinks I'm not looking.
Yeah. That's right.
I see you, grandpa...

After racking my brain for like, 2 days, eating like, 10 pomegranates, & a whole mess of googling,
all roads pointed to pomegranate syrup!
What the heck do you do with pomegranate syrup, you ask?? (yeah, I know you asked)

Well, I'm going to make me some delicious vinaigrettes & sauces...
BUT most importantly, I am going to use this syrup to make some DRINK!
Because, you see, pomegranate syrup is the same thing as grenadine...
and in case you didn't know, grenadine is GOOD.

Grenadine is what bartenders used to use to add that pinkish "sunrise" color to tequila sunrises.
However, that's not what they use today.
While traditionally the syrup was made with real 100% pomegranate juice,
"The Man" started making a cheap simple syrup and just adding "pomegranate-colored" red dye to it to save a couple of $$.

MMM...artificial colors...
As if drinking tequila isn't bad enough for me, let's add a bunch of chemicals I can't pronounce.
So let me teach you how to make your own so can feel a little less guilty about that cocktail...or vinaigrette...whatevs, I don't judge...

Damn the man!
Make your own!
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